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The portable CPFLASH 550W is perfect for mobile photographers who need a lot of light in a small package.

CPFlash 550W


Flashes and strobes for mobile photographers are coming at us thick and fast these days. As smartphone cameras continue to offer greater flexibility, the need for off-camera flash solutions is increasing too, and now, another OCF (off-camera flash) option will soon be available. The Innovatronix CPFLASH 550W promises to be a feature-packed light for both photographers and videographers, and it has a price tag of just $199. Find out all of the details after the break.

If you are beginning to use your Android phone or iPhone for more of your photography and videography, at some point, you’re going to need to look at better lighting options as the LED’s in the phones just don’t cut it. This is where products like the CPFLASH 550w from companies like Innovatronix come in to play.

CPFlash 550W

The new CPFLASH 550W is a feature-packed flash that will work with all Mirrorless and DSLR cameras as well as iPhones running iOS 11 and Android devices running Android version 6 and up. The master light will connect to your phone via Bluetooth (and a free app), and any additional units will connect to the master light via UHF.

As the name suggests, the CPFLASH 550W has 550ws of power, and it has flash durations that range from 80 milliseconds to 500 milliseconds. The flash is powered by an industry-standard 18650 Li-Ion battery that will give you 100 full-power flashes per charge, and the flash brightness can be set from 0.5% to 100% power.

Videographers might be interested to know that the CPFLASH 550W also has eight built-in light effects too that can be used with a maximum output of 20w. You’ll find flickering effects, police light effects, continuous, lightning, fire, strobe, TV and paparazzi effects too.

The Innovatronix CPFLASH 550W has also been tested with various flash accessories that are currently on the market, too, so you will have options when it comes to light modifiers and the like. The CPFLASH 550W will be available for purchase for $199 on March 31st from Shopify, and from Amazon and eBay for $219. For more information on the Innovatronix CP550W flash, head on over to the company’s official Facebook page, or their Instagram account.

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