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In 1987, Ramon Castillo, a former senior engineer at Intel, left the manufacturing firm of computer components and integrated circuits, to put up Innovatronix, Inc. It is a fitting acronym for a company promising to engage in "innovative electronics" with Castillo as the engineer and one technician. For the first two years of operations, the company relied on projects from Intel, then to Motorola, Telefunken, and later on to companies in other industries, like manufacturing and packaging.


The fact that Innovatronix was a small company and without a track record to boast did not become a hindrance to offer the products and services to industrial giants. These companies need Tronix services for product development. From this time on, sales picked up. Innovatronix has managed to increase its customer base through recommendations from its existing clients. Being the only Filipino firm experienced in making electronic displays, and Innovatronix was contracted to make the scoreboards for the Southeast Asian Games held in Manila in November 1991. This big break became the starting point of bigger opportunities for Innovatronix.


From scoreboards, Innovatronix's TRONIX brand on consumer electronic products was launched. Up to this date, Innovatronix had reached the Filipino household with its Power-on-Delay (POD10), electronic ballasts, AVRs, and ACT20 for window-type air conditioners. In 1997, when the Asian financial crisis came, Innovatronix was resilient by venturing into another business concept. This was due to the advent of digital cameras. Castillo, also a photography hobbyist, established the Tronix Imaging Centers in 1998. It started in Farmers Plaza, Ever Ortigas, and Pavilion Mall in Biñan, Laguna offering digital imaging services plus retail of Tronix brand of consumer electronics.


Over a few years, Innovatronix's network of outlets grew rapidly, covering the entire Metro Manila and nearby provinces. By 2006, Tronix Imaging Centers have scattered all over the country. It is one of the pioneers in the digital photo studio industry. Tronix Imaging Centers offer a wide range of digital imaging services.


Also in 2006, Innovatronix Inc launched its own brand of photo equipment products. This product line is now exported to over 80 countries worldwide. While it used to export assembled electronic parts during the 1990s but using its own brand started the leap for Innovatronix to start doing business in the global marketplace, proving that a once-small Filipino enterprise can rise up and win its own challenges.


In 2010, after years of continuous growth, Innovatronix Inc moved to its new office and manufacturing facility along Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City. The 3-story building on a 50,000 sq. ft. lot is now housing its retail and export business units, product research & engineering, and administrative offices.


In 2012, after years of R&D on Aquaculture Farming, Innovatronix started operations on its Aquaculture Business Unit - growing out shrimps. Initially intended for the local market supplying the country's largest seafood distributors and dealers, it aims to export freshly chilled shrimps later on. The Aquaculture Farm is located in Jala-Jala Rizal and sits on a 1.6 ha lot, consisting of three (3) greenhouses. This facility has an expected capacity of 700 tons a year. 


The company still carries products it started to offer, only complex in terms of design and technology. Truly, as the company grows, it still lives on with its name; continuing on innovating and providing better ideas.



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