How to Reduce Recycling Time between Shoots?

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The recycle time or recycle rate is simply the time taken between two pops/firings of the flash for it to be ready to fire again. The recycling rates are usually always mentioned by the manufacturers in terms of seconds.

One way to reduce flash recycle time is to use Tronix SpeedFire II.

The Tronix SpeedFire II is the updated version of Tronix SpeedFire. It has a dummy battery that will allow you to use your speedlite without using the battery. The Tronix Speedfire II powers your camera flash and has an impressive charging time of just 0.02 to 0.5 seconds (depending on the brand and set output of the flash) so you'll never have to wait to recharge your flash again! This allows you to continuously fire your flash.

Tronix SpeedFire II is an external power supply which connects directly to AC/wall socket, designed for small shoe-mounted flash units or flashguns. It converts AC power to high voltage DC power that connects to the flash gun’s external power port. It effectively reduces recycling time and provides an unlimited number of flashes.

Best recommended for home/studio or semi-permanent studio set up.

This unit is provided with power plug/adapter accessories.
Buy recommended accessories only as back up or spare.

Performance Overview:
# of pops: unlimited (connected to AC/Wall socket)
Recycling time: ~1 second

What is inside the box?
1 pc Tronix SpeedFire II
1 pc dummy battery with connector
1 pc Canon or Nikon Coiled Connecting Cable
1 pc AC power cord / EU Plug or NA Plug

Cord Lengths

AC Power Cord 168cm
Flash connector cord 41cm (unextended)
Flash connector cord 450cm (extended)**
Limit of extension 300cm (**due to tension of the cable)

Physical Dimensions

L x W X H 12.85cm x 7.45cm x 5.20cm
Weight 282.8 grams

Electrical Characteristics

Input Voltage 100-240V
Output Voltage 330Vdc
Output Current 800mA peak
Output Power 260W


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