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When you order from Innovatronix Shop, you don't have to worry about where you live. We can ship orders anywhere in the world. We have proven international shipping experience!

We deliver our orders via FedEx air. Typically, orders are delivered in just 4 days. If there are delays, it takes about 7 to 8 days days but not more than 10 days.

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Innovatronix Inc, established in 1991, is a registered company in the Philippines with more than 800 employees and is a registered trademark in the USA and Europe.

Innovatronix Incorporated established itself as one of the most diversified companies in the Philippines, becoming a household name known for its excellence and continuous improvement. We are in the following industries photography accessories, scoreboards, native handicrafts, personalized items, digital printing, food, and many more.

To do a background check on the company, please do a search on Google and Facebook. :)

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We have delivered thousands of orders from our Amazon and Shopify stores to the US, Canada, Brazil, Spain, UK, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many other countries.