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Patent Number : 2-2016-000842


Features :

  • Works with multiple digital and bi-voltage monolights/flash units (and analog flash units as well). And capable of powering compacts/monoblocks giving several hundreds of pops at faster recycling time, as fast as that of a wall socket’s recycling time. Rated at 800watts continuous, up to 2400w/s.

  • Available in 115V/60Hz (North American/Japan) model and 230V/50Hz (Rest of the world/Universal) model.

Shipping Details :

The shipping fee anywhere in the world is $140 for 1 unit  

The whole set will be shipped via FedEx with the tracking number

For some countries, duties and taxes may apply. The customer will pay.

Delivery time: 7- 14 days

Patent number: 2-2016-000842

What's in the box?

  • 1x Tronix Explorer XT3 Main Inverter Unit

  • 1x Power Cord

  • 1x Adapter

  • 1x Car Battery Charger

  • 1x Carrying Case

  • 1x User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are 2 models. How do I know which one will I need?

    • The model denotes the voltage output of the Tronix Explorer XT3. Select the model which matches the input voltage of your studio lights or power packs. For example, the Tronix Explorer XT3 115-60 models are used by photographers in North America (the United States and Canada).

    • The Tronix Explorer XT3 230-50 models are used by photographers in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of Asia.

  • How many pops can I expect with one full charge?

    • The number of pops will depend on the type of flash unit and the power loaded to Explorer XT3. Small loads will produce a greater number of pops and faster recycling time compared to large power loads.

    • In addition, modeling lights should be switched off as continuous load drains the battery at a higher rate. It should also be recharged after each use and should not be kept stored for more than 3 months without using or charging. Similar to other products that use lead-acid batteries, a discharged battery for a few months will severely affect its performance and lifetime.

  • How do I know if my strobe or power pack is compatible with Tronix Explorer XT3? Why not all strobes and power packs are compatible with Tronix Explorer XT3?

    • Tronix Explorer XT3 is compatible with more digital strobes due to its increased power rating. The newer Tronix Explorer XT3 is compatible with digital and most bi-voltage flash units. However, compatibility to all strobes and power packs is not guaranteed due to differences in the design of strobes and power packs between brands. For more information on compatibility of studio flashes: TRONIX EXPLORER COMPATIBILITY CHART

    • In a few cases, digitally controlled strobes will not be compatible with Tronix Explorer XT3. This is because after a flash is fired, the capacitors inside the strobe will draw a large inrush current. Tronix Explorer XT3 cannot adequately provide such current. Thus, for a few seconds, the voltage output will be less than adequate.

    • This is not a problem for analog flash, however. Analog flash can tolerate this voltage drop. For digital flash units, this will probably cause a reset of its settings to power upstage. Though this case is not damaging to the flash or Tronix Explorer XT3, the flash will just not work properly.


For technical specifications, please see Page 14 of Tronix Explorer XT3 Manual


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